Monday, June 6, 2016

Greenie Status!

We mailed Hermana Norman her first package today!  If I had my way, she would have had a package everyday since being there...but we figured we would let her get settled and then bombard her with LOVE!  Since mailing packages to Argentina is not so easy, I will make the most of her time in the MTC!
Some of her favorite things...funyuns, crispy M&Ms, pringles, jellybellys, lime and coconut sparkling water, mint zone bars, wheat thins. (had to get the reduced fat kind! They were the only ones in a green labeled box. Hope she doesn't think we are giving her a hint!), spearmint gum, parmesan goldfish crackers and some other fun stuff! All these goodies to share with her companion and district!
 Found this printable online and thought it was, I wanted to make sure she knew what a Greenie was! Sometimes things like that go right over her head!
Sent with Love,

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