Wednesday, June 8, 2016

1 week----zipping by!

Reflecting back to a week ago....

uncles always keeping us smiling

 I remember my heart feeling like it was being torn into a million pieces as we let her go. However, today, through our faith in Heavenly Father, we know for a surety that she is where she is supposed to be.  She has always told us she wanted to serve a mission.  We have always wanted her to experience that.  Yet happy tears, but never tears of doubt flow every now and then. Her presence is missed here in our home. Now we can turn her over to our Heavenly Father and know that he will watch over and protect her.

On a side note:
 Hermana Norman had asked, before she left, if I would make my chocolate cookies. We never got around to it as we were eating out quite a bit--trying to get in her "last meals"! My boys and I decided to make some and send them in a box with moleskin that she needs for walking her 12 miles a day in Argentina.

 They are as big as my hand!

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