Monday, August 29, 2016

Nothing is a "coincidence"

my zone after an open house
I truly believe that there are no ´´coincidences´´ when you are on the Lord´s errand.  My companion and I had a pretty amazing experience this week.  We were walking in the street trying to find an address of a reference we received.  We were lost.. so we decided to go into a little pharmacy and ask for help with the address.  A woman and her daughter were working and they were very friendly and helped us find the street we were looking for.     We started to talk about how we were missionaries, and then we ended up giving them a Book of Mormon.. then my companion and I had an impression to read a verse with her.  We read Mosiah 2:41, and she started crying.  Right there in a small little pharmacy, the spirit filled the room, and we were able to bear testimony of a book that could change her life.  She said she wanted to go to church, learn more, and be baptized.  The bittersweet part.. she doesn´t live in our area, she only works in our area.  So we passed her information to the Elders that are in her area.  I´m just happy that we were able to find them, and introduce them to the gospel! It was an amazing experience, and I know that it wasn´t a coincidence that we walked into that specific pharmacy to ask for help.

If anyone to looking for a good read, I would recommend Elder Bednar´s talk from General Conference in May 2015.  Helped me a lot this week!

Something that happened this rained yesterday and we had to walk to a members' house. I was kind of excited as I haven't had a chance to use my awesome umbrella. It's funny the little things that I get excited for...anywho...we get to the member's house and she tells us to leave our umbrellas outside the front door. We do. When we go to leave, my umbrella is gone. My companion's is still there, but mines is no where to be found! It was stolen! So now I am umbrella-less and I need to buy one here. They aren't very good ones, but I guess I can make do. I just hope that whoever took it, really needed it more than I did. I hope it shades them from the sun and keeps them dry in the rain. I hope it makes them happy!

There are two beautiful weddings happening this weekend! Congrats to my cousin Ohi and Tui, and one of my best friends Becca and Al!! So happy for you guys! Please send pics!
Also, to the future Sister Loo, Happy 20th Birthday, and good luck on your farewell talk this weekend!

I know my emails are short, but I seriously have an hour to read all my emails and type any that I send. I try to get my weekly one out with some pics (they take forever to download), and at least one to my family. Plus I chat with my Mom the whole time. So again, I am sorry if I do not return an email, but know that I am forever grateful to hear from each of you. I hope this mass email/blog post will suffice.

I have been having problems with my feet being really sore. But they feel a little better, The weather is so bipolar, and I am loving every second here.  I am truly so happy! The language is slowly coming along... but everytime I feel discourage I know I just need to serve more.. and focus more on others... Go to the temple this week! I miss that... 

Love you all!
Con Amor,
Hermana Norman
with some of the girls in our ward and our investigator, Jazzy

Monday, August 22, 2016


What a memorable week it has been! We had our first baptism!  Such an amazing moment, and I couldn´t help but get emotional during the confirmation.  The spirit was so strong! I can´t even describe the joy I felt these past few days, knowing that I was able to be an instrument in the Lord´s hand to help bring Lucas unto Christ.  I was reminded that day why I chose to serve a mission! 
But it´s funny how Satan works.. I was on cloud nine after the baptism and the confirmation on Sunday. Then we had lunch some members Sunday afternoon, and for some reason I had the hardest time understanding them.  They talked so fast, and I felt so lost the entire time I was there.  I started to doubt myself again and inability to speak the language still. But then during my personal study, I found something that really comforted me.  I read D&C 1:23, which talks about how the gospel will be preached by the weak.. and yup that´s me.  I know I am weak, but I find strength in Christ.  It is during those times of weakness, that we are humbled, and we can recognize the small tender mercies in our life.  I am so so grateful for this humbling opportunity, each day I find more reasons why I love the life I live. 
I ATE INTESTINES THIS WEEK.  Yeah, I cried a little, but I did it.
I can´t believe I have been in Argentina for 6 weeks!  My companion and I are getting along really well, and I love the people here!  Thank you all for your love and prayers! 

Con amor,
Hermana Norman

Monday, August 15, 2016

Week ???

Another great week in Jujuy Argentina! Time is also flying by!  

First of all, today is my beautiful mother´s birthday...and I want to wish her the happiest of birthdays.  I truly have been blessed with an amazing mom! 
So this week we had zone training, and it was really good!  We talked about the importance of committments.  From what I´ve experienced, committments are so important.  We are asking people to change, to come unto Christ, and to prepare for baptism!  But change is difficult, and it is so sad when people aren´t quite ready to make committments. 
Small miracles this week.. We found a new investigator who recently lost her son.  She has been in pain for so long, but when she listened to our message I could see hope in her eyes.  How amazing is it that we know that we can be with our family forever!
This week we have a baptism!!!! His name is Lucas and he is 11 years old.  He lives with his mom, who has been inactive for many years, and this Saturday is his baptism!  I can´t even explain how excited I am for this!
The language is slowly getting better, I am starting to feel more comfortable.  But I know that I just need to have patience and trust in the Lord.  I know that I have been called of God, and he will qualify me for His work. I love you all, thank you for your prayers.  I am loving it here!

Con amor,
Hermana Norman

PS: The computer I am on doesn't have a USB port and I have not figured out my wireless capabilities on my camera. So no new pics this week. My Mom will post up some older pics that I have sent

Monday, August 8, 2016

Week #5? I can't remember....

Hola mi familia y amigos!
Well these past weeks have been really good.  Miracles happen everyday... the fact that I haven´t stepped in dog poop is a miracle in of itself, and I haven´t eaten mayo.  Also, seeing how the gospel changes people´s lives is the greatest miracle.  Sadly, most of our investigators aren´t progressing right now.. they are all struggling with attending church on Sunday.  We do have two younger boys that have a baptismal date for the 20th of this month.  We are really excited about that.  We also have been working a lot with the inactive members here.  There is A TON.  Yesterday, when we saw some of the inactive families that we have been working, and our investigators walk into church, it is really the greatest feeling.  I was soooo happy.  When you are constantly thinking about others, you truly do feel so happy and grateful. 
I truly do love it here, the people here are amazing and so kind.  The work is hard, and learning the language is still a challenge for me. But I am so so grateful for this responisibility and blessing to be a representative of my Savior.  
I love and miss you all.  Thank you for your love and prayers.  

I´m sorry I can´t reply to all your emails, I wish I had more time!  But for now, I am on the Lord´s time, and every minute is so precious!

With love,
Hermana Norman
Pictures of my apartment (mostly for my Mom to see)

 This is the mold we have to deal with in our apartment
 Our hike last week




Monday, August 1, 2016


Hola! I do not have that much time today. We went as a zone to a park and that took up the whole day. My companion then wanted to go look around and shop, meanwhile, I am wanting to just get to a computer. My Mom told me to enjoy where I am, and if I can only send a quick "I'm alive and well" then she can make it through the week.
So not much to tell....our investigators are not keeping their commitments and the three baptisms planned for this Saturday are not going to happen. I am trying to learn patience and to trust in the Lords timing.
I was a bit discouraged today, especially with the language. I feel like I can't contribute to conversations or get to know people because of the language barrier. I do get down on myself thinking that I am not progressing in the language. I just have to remember that discouragement comes from Satan. He is trying to keep me from progressing.
But I am feeling much better at the moment and know that the language will come. I just need to be patient with myself too.
Life is good here, wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

Happy anniversary to my parents. Don't forget to watch my video.

I love you all! Thank you for the prayers....I need them!

Con Amor,
Hermana Norman

first day meeting my trainer, Sister Melo

first day in the Mission field with Mission President and his wife
my zone
 love my companion

mi hermanas

my district