Monday, September 18, 2017

This week has been crazy!

We had the opportunity to have Elder Bragg come visit us! Because our mission is so big, we had to do two, and so everyone in Santiago had to travel to TUCUMAN, another providence! But we stayed in a hotel and everything, and it was super fun!
The conference was amazing! Elder Bragg brought a special spirit and really helped get us understand more fully how sacred our calling is! 
I really like how he expained that there is a difference between being in the mission and being a missionary! 
Presidente and Hermana Orquera also spoke and in Hna Orquera's talk she talked a little bit about me and what I have been going through with my medical problems. It was another confirmation that I will be okay and that I can keep going!

And today we traveled all day to Salta for Mission leadership conference. Two big trips in a week is a lot. I am excited to see Hna Mannewitz and other members and investigators in Tres Cerritos and Limache.  

Sorry this is short and sweet, but thank you all for your love and support! I am so blessed!

Hermana Norman
Waiting for bus to Tucuman...
There is beauty in everything

Elder Santana...he gained 70 lbs and has a pregnant belly...jajaja
Our hotel room
Multi zone conference with Elder Bragg visiting
Mission tour with Elder Bragg luncheon
Eating at Del Carmen Luna's...still have the same love for ice cream
Youth activity
Presidente Orquera's son...

Monday, September 11, 2017

Blessings in Disguise

its probably one of the coolest things to find someone that tells us, " I have been waiting for this, I have been searching for the truth." This is what one of our new investigators, Fenanda, told us this past Friday. It was so powerful as we share with her the story of Joseph Smith and how he too, was serching for the truth. How amazing it is that through prayer, we can know the truth of all things! I hope that she can pray to know for herself!

Everyone has been talking and telling us about the natural disasters that are going on in the states, and in Mexico. I still don't know a lot of what is going on, but all the people that have been affected are in my prayers. We can find comfort in the scripture in Mosiah 24:14, that says the Lord does visit His people in their afflictions!

We started visiting Ricardo again. He is our investigator that wasn't willing to keep all of the commitments we left him, and...he had a big drinking problem. We happened to be walking past his home, as they pulled in on their motorcycle. They practically begged us to come and share a message with them. Since we stopped teaching him, every thing in their life took a turn for the worst. They started having marriage and financial problems and he was diagnosed with liver disease from drinking so much, which means that he can't drink anymore. They told us that all of these trials have helped them realize how much they need God in their life. They told us that they are ready and are willing to do whatever it takes to receive the happiness and blessings that come fro the Gospel! It is amazing that some times God chastens His people or gives us trials to humble us! Sometimes we need a reminder that He is in charge and that WE need HIM. It is true that trials are blessings in disguise!

We are working on patience with Solange and Benjamin! They won't be baptized as soon as we'd hoped, but I trust that it will all be in the Lord's timing. Solange, due to her chemo, still can't go to church because she is so sick or in the hospital. Benjamin is going to wait for his Dad to receive the priesthood so that he can baptize him! Please continue to pray for them

Mosquitoes are out and about here in Santiago!! Sometimes it is hard to focus in lessons when you can feel mosquitoes sucking your blood, and then you just itch SO MUCH! It was funny though because in a lesson I had a mosquito on my head and the 4 year old daughter smacks my head so hard, killing the mosquito and then takes the mosquito out of my hair to show me. Ahh, gotta love the mission.

Common desserts here: fruit, flan or jello
Common Side dish: potato salad w/beets, or rice
*there is ALWAYS bread on the side of every meal.

Everyone has parakeets and parrots here
Everyone has a spinner too, including my companion and I

Have a great week! Love you all!

đź’—Hermana Norman
Cute Solange and colors on our foreheads
Love this girl so much!

Ninja what???

Sometimes you have to nap
Caught off guard 

Photo with Bishop's daughter after youth activity

Pday fun


Monday, September 4, 2017

Transfer day!

I don`t have a ton of time to write a very good blog post because today has been crazy with TRANSFERS!  But good news everyone, Hna Simmons and I are staying together! YAAAAAY
I was praying so hard that she would stay so that I could be her last companion! 
But with transfers, we had to go and help all the other hermanas with their travels and stuff.

This week was really awesome! The weather here is definitely bipolar.  We got up into the 100's, and then the next day it would be in the 50's. So that`s really funnn, you just never know what to expect! Keeps me on my toes.

Also, a little update on my health, I am doing so much better! It is incredible because everyday when I wake up it feels as if I have extra strength that I can't even explain.  The pain hasn't gone away completely, but I feel as if the Lord is carrying me and helping me to just keep going!  I know that it is from all the prayers that I have been receiving. Thank you all! 

Solange has been spending a lot of time in the hospital with all her chemo therapy, but she absolutely loves when we come to visit her.  We are trying to reactivate her mom, Noelia, and that actually has been the biggest challenge! So we are trying to help remind Noelia of all the blessing and joy that comes from living the gospel!

Benjamin is super excited to be baptized, but we are also working with the dad on receiving the priesthood so that he can baptize his son!

I am so happy! The mission is so good! The church is so true!


Hermana Norman 
It was in the 100`s this past week... and yeah it is still 'winter' here.
After walking the entire morning, we had to sit in the hot sun for almost an hour waiting for our lunch, so we took selfies while we sweated to death. We had heat exhaustion later that day!