Monday, July 31, 2017

Start of Something New!

Hola! Yeah I'm alive, if anyone cares. Because I know the only people that actually read my blog are probably just my Mom and Dad...jajaja! Thanks padres ♡

But alright, lots of changes!
I am currently in a new area and new province. I am in 9 de Julio in Santiago del Estero, aka the place that gets up to 150*F . Luckily, we are in winter...but it was in the high 80s already so yeah, this should be an adventure.
Santiago is super dry, hot and far from everything. My area is basically just dirt roads, so we are always walking in sandy like dirt that blows in my eyes. Oh, and our apartment isn't even in our area, because our area is so super humble and there isn't anywhere  for us to live there. So we live 20 minutes away in bus...almost an hour walking.
Its different, it's new, and it's going to be a challenge 😊 But the people here are friendlier, they are more willing to let us in and listen to us. But they aren't so good with keeping commitments jaja.

But okay, my new companion is Hermana Simmons. She is from Layton, Utah and is one of the funniest people ever. Constantly laughing with her, or at her, because she is just as awkward as me!! jaja. But what is crazy is that a few days before finding out transfers, I had a dream that she was my companion. So when Presidente Orquera called me and told me my new assignment and new companion, I was surprised!

It was very hard leaving Limache and Hna Mannewitz. Many tears were shed. It never is easy to say good bye to investigators and members that you have grown to love so much. But I am super excited  to get to know my new area and the members better. There is a lot of work here to do in my area. 

I was assigned to be an Hermana Leader (Sister Training Leader), which is really humbling, but a lot of pressure. I just hope that I will e able to help the other hermanas in my zone! We had to travel to Salta on Thursday for a conference with all the leaders with Presidente Orquera. Our bus was delayed, then our bus broke down, so our 7 hour road trip turned into 10 hours. We arrived in Salta Friday, at 2:30 in the morning. Didn't get to bed till almost 4...and then had conference Friday morning, which was super good! Then after conference we were back on the bus heading back to Santiago. We got home at 1 in the morning. So I am so exhausted! Lots of traveling this past week, but it is a lot of fun.

Okay, here's some people to pray for:
Solange, a daughter of an inactive member. She has cancer and is the cutest and strongest girl ever.
Emilio, a bipolar drug addict that has been clean for 2 months...the gospel has helped him in so man ways. It truly does change lives!
Ricardo, the husband of an inactive member. He has been listening to the missionaries for 20 years, but he is SO CLOSE. Just needs to stop drinking!
So please pray for them ♥

We were in our area, (20 minutes away in bus from our apartment) and it was super late and there was no buses passing us and it is a little dangerous late at night. So we decided to just get a taxi. Plus at the bus stop there was a woman that looked like Bruno Mars, that was speaking a weird language and mumbling to herself, and staring at us. I'm 78% sure that she was cursing us out of there, and I had just enough money in my bag to pay for a taxi. So we get in a taxi, and we start to talk with the taxi driver, sharing the gospel and such, ad then I realize something...he is DRUNK!! But we couldn't get out, we had no more money ad we can't walk home late at night in our I just prayed so hard and we made it!!

Also, my companion tripped out of actually fell down. Oh, it was so funny!

I'm happy. I'm tired, but its the good kind of tired, the satisfying tired. I hope this blog entry makes sense. 

Remember God loves you!
Don't forget to be happy today. Be kind to one another.

Con Amor,
Hermana Norman
Maria Emilia was baptized in my old area this past week! So proud and happy for her
Martin...a member's son
Andres and them! Andres was our ward mission leader
Faithful member...Hermana Catalina
Melina, inactive member who finally came to church
Our investigator Clara and family. She will be married this week and baptized in my old area
Our investigator, Sandra
Bishop and his family
Suzy and Angel Caceres....I love them so much!
Ward members...Romina and Maxi
My new compa, Hermana Simmons
my new digs 
Home sweet home
Heading to leaders conference
Salta Argentina Mission Leaders July 2017

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