Monday, August 7, 2017

Prayers are answered

Wow! This week flew by!
We had such an amazing week! My companion and I have been praying really hard to find families, and this week we found 3 new families to teach!

The Sarate family is a single mom with four kids. We only taught her once and she showed up to church on Sunday! We found them as we were walking in the street one day. The kids were outside playing and it was funny because we said "Hola" and kept walking but then my companion and I stopped at the same time, both feeling the same impression, and we went back and taught them! A family with a  lot of potential.

We found the Gutierrea family using the "Ring of Fire" trick. All of our plans fell through and so we knew that there was a reason that we were in this neighborhood, so we knocked the doors of the houses in front and on both sides. Now that I think about it, it's not even a ring, but that's okay....jaja! We found this family knocking doors and they said that they were waiting! Like they needed a message of hope and love from God in that moment. It was so cool!!

And the Familia Rodriguez we found contacting on a bus. We contacted them, the gave us their address, and then when we got off the bus, this is when my companion totally tripped and fell down. But after she fell, I told her, "don't worry, no one saw." But then when we went back to see this family, we asked them, "remember us from the bus?" and they said, "yeah, you were the girl that fell out of the bus!" jajaja... oh it was so funny!  But they are a great family, just haven't gone to church yet 🙁

Emilio is doing amazing!! He honestly is such a miracle. He has totally changed his life around and with the gospel he has a new hope and light. He is so excited for his baptism!

Solange is also doing really well. In one of our lessons, we asked her what her goals and dreams are. She said to finish her chemo therapy and just be a normal girl again. Seriously broke my heart, but then she said that she also wanted to be baptized and feel God's help. She is so strong.

Sadly, we had to break up with Ricardo this week. He just wasn't ready to keep all the commitments that we left him. But he'll be ready in the future!

Church yesterday was amazing and SO awkward. My companion had to lead the hymns in the sacrament meeting and they chose a song that NO ONE knows. So the pianist starts playing and we awkwardly try to sing along, but then the pianist just stops and says, "I can't". So my companion awkwardly starts over and basically sings a solo, because no one knew the song. Too funny.

Noone will ever know the struggle until they are in the streets of Argentina, in dire need of a bathroom and there aren't any. Argentina isn't like the states, there aren't gas stations or places with public restrooms. So one night, I REALLY had to go and I got desperate that I just started knocking on random people's doors to ask if I could use theirs, but no one answered their door! It got to the point where I was literally looking for a dark corner. If that isn't the struggle, I don't know what is!  But becuase God is good, he put a kind woman in our path that let me use her bathroom. So even though public restrooms are GROSS, be grateful for them.

Also, this past week was my parent's anniversary. Grateful to have them as MY parents. Love you both 💓

Thank you for the love and prayers! Have a great week. And like my friend Ellen says,

Con Amor,
Hermana Norman
my area...has fields of trash...jaja

Sweet Solange...little girl with cancer that we are teaching. She is the sweetest thing!

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