Monday, July 17, 2017

It's Gonna Take a Miracle...

Well transfers are a week from today, and since I am finishing training Hna Mannewitz, it is very likely that I will leave my area. Do not want to leave Limache: the members, my investigators and Hermana Mannewitz!

Pero Bueno, this week we finally met Presidente and Hermana Orquera. They are amazing! Presidente is super excited and a great vision of what he wants to accomplish in Salta. After our conference, I think everyone was pumped and excited to work. He told us that every morning we should wake up and say "we are going to invite everyone to repent and be baptized. Who are we going to baptize this week?" Hermana Orquera is the Mom that I needed in the mission. Super sweet and caring. Super excited for this new change in our mission!

This week during weekly planning, the hermana leaders showed up to verify our planning session. Most awkward thing ever. They just sat behind us and WATCHED us. They even took notes. But then they said that we plan really well, so that's cool.

We taught a guy that is in his 20s, and at the end of the lesson, I was getting ready to invite him to be baptized. I asked him, "Manuel, do you want to follow Jesus Christ in your life?" After having to think about this question so simple, he responds, "Umm, Im not sure." Then I respond with just a little too much sass, "You're not sure?!! If you are not going to follow Christ, then WHO are YOU GOING TO FOLLOW?!!" I think my compa's jaw dropped! But hey, our leaders said we need to be direct. And he ended up accepting baptismal date, so all is well. 😃

My comp and I were able to watch 17 Miracles because we always have 15-20 minutes in the night right before bed or in the morning eating breakfast. But WOW! How grateful I am for the pioneers. They sacrificed so much, and it reminded me that I really have no room to complain about ANYTHING. I am so blessed.

We saw a HUGE miracle this week. Maria Emilia is preparing to be baptized, but on Tuesday we talked with her Mom and her Mom was completely against her getting baptized. She said, "Absolutely not!" We didn't know what to do because obviously she needs the permission and support of her family. So my compa and I decided to do a special fast. My Mom told me that my stake, Provo Utah Wasatch Tongan Stake, was doing a special fast for me and all missionaries from our stake serving all over the world. We fasted right along with them.  The day we finished our fast, we went to see Maria Emilia and she was so excited because she said that her Mom had a change of heart. Maria Emilia couldn't even explain what caused this sudden change of attitude in her Mom. But Hermana Mannewitz and I know that the Lord was able to soften her heart. It was the only explanation! And so the Mom signed the permission slip and Maria Emilia will be baptized soon! Hermana Mannewitz and I almost cried, we literally skipped away...HOLDING HANDS! Pure happiness! The mission is oh so good and fasting really brings miracles.

Thank you to the members of my stake back home for fasting for me and other missionaries. We could feel the power and support of the fast. I know that through prayer and fasting that we were able to experience this miracle! I love you all. Alofa tele...Ofa 'atu!

I received a package from home this past week, and my mother knows exactly what I needed. Letters and FOOD! She vacuum packed SWIG cookies! Genius! After 3 weeks, they are still good! We are slowly eating them and savoring every bite! Gracias Mom and fam! ♥

Hope everyone has a swell week. Be kind to one another.

💙Hermana Norman
Kids love misioneras
Sandra Flores
Familia Flia Cueto
Bumper cars! Fun...but brought my vertigo back!
My face when Neverland was closed! jaja
After watching 17 Miracles I felt the need to do might be below

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