Monday, July 10, 2017

"More than conquerors through Him that loved us"

Maria Emilia is our new investigator that we found a couple weeks ago and she is progressing really well, and is preparing to be baptized in the next couple of weeks. She is 14 years old, her family has been inactive for 7 years, and so we are working with the whole family! Please keep Familia Puca en your prayers, especially Maria Emilia!

Also, we are teaching a single Mom with 2 little kids. Her name is Guadalupe, and she was a referral from a member. She knows that the church is true,  but is still waiting to FEEL that it is true. So we are trying to help her feel and RECOGNIZE the Spirit.

And then we have Gloria and Hector, a married couple, grandparents, and they are the sweetest things ever! We have taught them many times and they love listening and learning but when it comes to keeping their commitments, like reading, praying or going to church, they aren't doing so good. Friday we had a lesson and we had to be really straight forward with them. If they weren't willing to ACT, then we couldn't continue visiting them. It was a super spiritual lesson, it was a lesson where it really felt like it wasn't me speaking, but a loving Heavenly Father that are so much for these two people. At the end of the lesson, Gloria says, "I just don't feel I need to attend any church." Broke my heart a little, but we testified then invited them to pray about it. We asked Gloria to say the prayer and mid prayer, she started crying. After the prayer she said that her whole family was tingling. She agreed to pray to know if the church was true. We'll see what happens!

This past week was the 4th of July, and so my companion and I sang all the freedom songs that we could remember. I practiced the national Anthem, but Shakira style, because I still have my dream to sing in the Super Bowl....dreamin' jajaja

But yesterday, July 9th, was independence day for Argentina! God Bless American and Argentina!!

A newlywed couple recently moved into the ward. They are from Buenos Aires and the wife, Feia Scchraifer, is the recent convert that bore her testimony last Sunday that really touched me. We were able to visit them and get to know them better. Her conversion story is absolutely amazing! And even though I have been a member my whole life, I too, have my conversion story. I invite you all to think, write and share with someone your conversion story.

My companion is a gorgeous blonde with very fair skin, and one day, it was unusually warm. So she put on a short sleeve shirt. We walked into a member's home for lunch, and the 7 year old daughter touches my companion's arm with wide eyes and says, "its so white!" She couldn't believe it, had to touch it to make sure it was real. I laughed so hard...jaja

Remember my Korean investigator? I ran into him on Pday and he is doing great! He is ward clerk! Yeah, Francisco!

We have a new mission President, but we still haven't met him or heard from him. But we will have a conference with him on Friday.

Before Presidente Chaparro left, he gave us the challenge to read the entire BoM before the next General Conference. As I have started over, my love and appreciation for this book just keeps growing! Read the Book of Mormon, it truly changes lives!

Many times investigators ask us, "Why does God allow bad things to good, innocent people?" We knows that trials are a test of our faith but are also necessary for our personal growth and strength. Elder Whitney said, " No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted...all that we suffer and all that we endure, especially when we endure, it patiently builds up our characters, purifies our hearts, expands our souls and makes us more tender and charitable". Sometimes we want to grow and receive more strength. But growth never comes from taking the easy way!

Like it says in Philippians 4:13 "we can do all things through Christ, that strengthen us" and through Christ we can be "more than conquerors" of the trials and challenges that we face in this life. (Romans 8:35, 37)

Happy, is too good to waste a day being sad!

Hope everyone has an amazing week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Michaela Norman

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