Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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Well, February has already come and gone! It seriously amazes me how fast the time is going. Makes me want to cherish every moment here in Argentina that much more.

Dont know if I mentioned this before, but we live in the apartment where all the sister missionaries stay for a night when they first arrive , when they train, or when they finish their missions. I love it because I have met a lot of Hermanas, and it is amazing because I can see the difference between the missionaries who recently started and those who are finishing. This past Tuesday, a Hermana stayed with us because she chose to go home early. After two weeks in Argentina, she decided that it would be easier to go home. Honestly, it broke my heart, but it made me think about how I was when I first arrived in Argentina and where I am now. It was HARD! Everything...the language, the new culture, the strict schedule, etc. I struggled, but in these moments I learned to rely more on my Savior. Now I look at where I am today, almost 9 months later, and I am so grateful. Yes, the mission is still HARD, but the  language has slowly come, I have adjusted to the schedule and culture, and I have witnessed countless miracles as a representative of Christ.

Just want to remind everyone that when things get too hard to stand, kneel! I found strength in Him, and I know each one of you can too.

Update n what is happening in 3cerritos. Lolo finally went to church!! Almost cried when I saw them walk in the church. After 3 months of working with her family, they finally made it! We are currently planning her baptism! Mailen is also progressing and will be baptized these next few weeks. Nicolas has dropped off the face of the earth, but we are going to keep looking for him!...

***THIS IS WHERE SHE FORGOT TO SEND A PAGE right in the middle OF HER BLOG ENTRY!...*** update next week

The weather has been crazy! Blazing hot one second and then the next second it is pouring rain. so everyday we end up getting soaked. I had my umbrella stolen back in Jujuy, and just haven't bought another. I keep thinking the rainy season has to be almost over, but it's okay. It's an adventure! jaja Plus most people let us in cause they have pity on us. Yay!

Hmmm, crazy moments this week...
Contacted a schizophrenic man when we were on the bus. Turns out that he is an inactive member, and he actually went to church yesterday. 

We met Nicolas' siblings when we were looking for him one day. Of course, we talked about the church...and we asked about their family, etc. The brother, Charly, explained how he had a little boy...we asked about the Mom, if he was still together with her or what was the situation with her...he kept saying it was complicated and then he finally says, "I'm the mother." I think our jaws dropped, because after he explained how he got pregnant, but now he/she is a man. Then he said he was a drug addict. But wait, it gets better...then a man dressed as a woman walks out with Charly's baby on her hip. We immediately think, "oh no, this is Charly's "girlfriend". But nooooo, this is Erica, Nicolas and Charly's SISTER! I think my companion and I were in shock, but Hey! Everyone deserves the opportunity  to listen to the Gospel, so we taught them and invited them to church. Sadly, they didn't show up. But yeah, other than that, nothing too crazy happened...just the usual doors slammed in our faces, insults and people warning us to "watch out for the crazy Mormons". Ahh, the mission is seriously the BEST!!!

But some important dates are coming up! 28th is my baby brother's birthday. I cant believe the baby of our family is turning 12. Dallan, I love you so much!
Eat brownies for me! jaja ;-)

Happy anniversary to my grandparents! What an awesome example you have been to me! Celebrate big on your cruise. Still waiting to hear where you will be serving! Missions are the best!

Thank you for your love and prayers!
Con Amor,
Hermana Norman

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