Monday, February 6, 2017

Alrightyyyy I`m still here in Salta, and I am happy! I know that my mission president receives revelation, and there is a reason that I am here in my area and with my lovely companion Hermana Bohorquez.  This week was crazy for many reasons.

1. As we were walking in the street.. as missionaries always do.. a car full of teenage boys drives past and throws a HUGE water balloon at me. It nails me in the back ( yes it hurt a little)  and it completely soaks me.  I was left in shock, but my companion just laughed at me.  So I guess this is a normal thing here.. it is the month of carnival, and it will only get crazier as the month goes on.  People will constantly throw water balloons or paint at you... so yeah I`m excited for that jaja

2. We did service in a home that is supposedly haunted with spirits. The owner explained how his mom adopted 28 kids.. 11 of them died in this home.. and they also performed abortions in this home.. but nothing crazy happened. We were able to help him clean up his house.. and he said ever since we helped him, his home has felt different! I hope that we were able to bring the spirit into his home!

This week was crazy, but also full of miracles. Luz is progressing!! She went to church again, and loves everything about the church.  

Have an amazing week!

Hermana Norman

Service in one of the hermana's investigator's house.

Toilet is a hole in the ground...and we found...

Teeth! Pretty crazy!

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