Monday, September 26, 2016

Point of no return

I am doing great here in Argentina.  I am actually loving it.  The language is slowly getting better, and I am feeling more and more confident.  We had interviews with Presidente Chaparro this past week, and it went really well. He told me that I need to stop using my inability to speak the language as an excuse to not talk with people in the streets, because he told me that I can speak the language well enough to talk with everyone.  This was something that I needed to hear because it´s true.  Street contacting is my weak spot right now.   But I´m working on it!

This past Wednesday was a major turning point in my mission.  It was hot, and nobody wanted to receive us in their homes. Our investigators said they were busy, members of the ward weren´t home, and we walked for 4 hours straight... 
I´m not going to lie, at one point I thought ¨what in the world am I doing?¨ But then I realized that if I continued with a doubtful attitude nothing was going to get better.  So I said a quick prayer in my heart, and prayed that we would find someone to teach.  As we were walking, we passed a young girl holding her baby sitting on a cinder block in front of her humble home.  We stopped to talk with her, she told us she is a member but hasn´t been active for many years, and that she would love to talk with us. So sitting on cinderblocks, in the street, we had one of the most spiritual lessons.  She is 19, has a 2 year old baby, and lives alone with her sister.  She has a hard life, but we were able to promise her that if she went back to church she would be able to feel the presence of the Savior in her life, and receive strength to bear the burdens that she has.  


...and during the lesson I had a moment to thank my Heavenly Father for guiding us to find someone who was lost and in need of the light that the gospel brings.

This is the last week before transfers. Hermana Melo goes home this next week. I am going to miss her, but so thankful for all that she has taught me. I am nervous to receive my new companion and to take charge of this area, since I am the one who has been here. But I can do hard things.

I knew that the mission was going to be hard, but I didn´t know how hard. But I read a conference talk that explained that the mission is supposed to be hard because salvation is not a cheap experience! I am sooooo grateful for all the amazing and spiritual experiences I am having, and thank you all for your love and prayers.

This week is General Conference, and I hope everone will take time to watch and listen to the words of our prophets!  

Con amor,

Hermana Norman

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