Saturday, July 2, 2016

Week 5! Endurance is key...

This week was a roller coaster. Wednesday night we have an awesome devotional with Stephen B Allen.  He talked about how Satan is aware of us on our missions and he knows exactly how to push our buttons.  I know this to be true because this week I really struggled with feeling discouraged and inadequate.  I felt like I wasn't progressing in the language as quickly as I was hoping, and I was feeling like I wasn't good enough.  Then after having an amazing discussion with my district I realized that it is Satan trying to put those thoughts of discouragement in my mind.  He knows that I will be doing so much good in Argentina and he wants to do everything to prevent that. But I feel so confident now in myself, my testimony, and in my Savior, I won't let anything stop me from doing the Lord's work in Argentina.  Speaking of Argentina, I leave on the 11th,  so if you have been waiting to send me DearElders and packages, then this week is your last chance!  Ps. I love Trolli eggs.

Well the rest of the week was good, I got a blessing from an Elder in my district, and it was such an amazing experience.  It was the first blessing that he has given, and during the blessing he said a lot of things that I needed to hear, so it was really nice.  Ever since my blessing, I have been able to sleep at night! So I'm super grateful for that.

The rest of the week was basically the same as always.  On Wednesday, our district got to host for the new missionaries coming into the MTC.  I hosted a girl from Lousiana going to California, and she was super sweet.  I did my best to be as happy and friendly as possible.  But... I had to carry all her luggage up 5 flights of stairs.  I literally almost died.  I mean I've definitely lost some of my strength because I'm not playing pickleball all the time, so it was a real struggle.  But I did make it to the top, so the moral of the story.. I can do hard things.

My testimony of the gospel has grown so much, and I've really learned to rely on the spirit while I've been here.  During our lessons, even though we may not be able to communicate perfectly in Spanish, the spirit is still present and it truly does make a difference.  

A mission is hard!! But we listened to a talk by Elder Holland, and it really changed my view of my mission.  Because first of all, this is not my mission, this is the Lord's mission, and I am simply a tool in his hand.  Also, if a mission isn't hard then I'm not doing it right.  Salvation doesn't come easy, so of course a mission shouldn't be easy either.  As I struggle during my mission, I will have small glimpse of what our Savior had to go through.  This is why I am here because I love my Savior!  This mission is not a sacrifice, it is a blessing! How amazing is it to be able to give 18 months of my time to the person who gave his life for me.  I am honored to be a representative of my Savior. 

This church is so true, Jesus is the Christ, and He lives!

Con amor,

Hermana Norman

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