Monday, July 25, 2016

Hard, but better.....

My oh my.  What a week.  

First of all, before I forget, a bird pooped on me today. :) :) :)

So this week was really good!  I´m starting to understand when people are talking, and I am slowing getting better at speaking.  It´s definitely still frustrating, but I am working on being patient!

Update on our investigators.  Three are progressing and have a baptismal date for the 6th of August.  Our other investigators are having a hard time attending church on Sunday.  

It is definitely hard when your investigators don´t keep their committments.  Because I have grown to love each person, and I want them to enjoy the blessing of the gospel! 

We have been working a lot with Less Active members in the ward.  We have a couple families who attended church yesterday!  But honestly, the members here are so amazing, and they will do anything and everything for the missionaries.  During one of the lunches, the father said that he felt so priveleged to have us in his home becuase we are the closest thing to angels on earth.  How nice right?! 

This week we also had my first divisiones/cambios…  Not really sure what the word is in English.  I went to another area in Jujuy with Hermana Alvez, who is also from Brazil.  It was hard!  I missed my companion, and my area.  But it was a really good experience to see how she taught lessons and how she contacted in the streets.  We had an amazing experience with an older woman that we contacted in the street.  She invited us in her home, and she explained her situation.  She is Catholic, taking care of her daughter´s children, who recently passed away.  We taught her The Plan of Salvation and it went really well.  At the end of the lesson we taught her how to pray and she gave the closing prayer.  She cried and the spirit was overwhelming.  In that moment, I could feel the love that Heavenly Father had for this specific woman.  It was amazing.

A miracle happened this week.  As I was saying my personal prayer before bed, I could hear a dog whining so loud… it sounded like it was in our apartment.  So I´m thinking ¨Great, I´m not going to be able to fall asleep with that dog whining so loud.¨  Then in my prayer, I say¨ Please bless that dog that it will get what it wants so it can stop whining.¨  No joke, right after I said those words the dog stopped.  THE CHURCH IS TRUE.  God does answer our prayers!

But the mission is definitely still hard.. But I have never felt the Savior´s love so strong.  For me, and for the people that I am teaching.  I know that this is where I am supposed to be right now, and I´m so grateful for this opportunity to share my testimony every day. 
I love and miss you all.  Thank you for your love and prayers!
Also shout out to my cousins Lai and Nica.  Good luck on your farewell talk this Sunday Lai, and congrats on your mission call Nica!  Canada and China are getting the best of the best!

With love,
Hermana Norman

PS. We spent the morning cleaning our apartment.....of mold! Yes! So I only had about an hour of computer time. Spent 2/3 of the time trying to download pics and videos. It is so slow here that it wouldn't take videos. But a few pics came through. Sadly, most of the pics were of my last day in America. I did manage to get one with my companion. So hopefully next week we can figure out a better way to get pics and video through.

shuttle to the trax station
  saying good bye to my family on the phone at the airport
we are in Argentina

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