Monday, July 11, 2016

Good bye Utah! Argentina or bust!

Hermana Norman called us at 9:20 am to let us know they were putting all the missionaries on the Trax front runner to go to the airport. I was at the gym and hurried home and grabbed the two boys and headed over to the Lehi front runner station. We waited 20 minutes for her train to approach the station. WE SAW HER! I can't even explain the rush of emotions that happened! I started crying as we waved and blew kisses to her. Her little brother was in tears! She said she would call once at the airport and mouthed "I love you" as the train pulled away! Then I lost it!
Once at the airport, her Uncle, who works for Delta Airlines, met her and walked her to the gate. He went back to work and then went back to see her off! What a blessing to have these pics from him!
We were able to talk to her over the phone for about a half hour. She was excited and ready to be in Argentina. She flew to Atlanta, Georgia where the weather delayed their flight to Buenos Aires a bit. That gave us that much longer to talk. We laughed about her awkward moments in the MTC and she also shared some neat spiritual experiences that were life changing for her. It is amazing what 40 days in a place where everyone has the same goals, standards, views and purpose, can do to a person. She has matured even more and gained a love for the gospel and her Savior Jesus Christ that she never dreamt possible. She loves her district and especially her companion, Hermana Nokes and her roommates, Hermana Farr and Hermana Thompson. They are her family away from home. Can't wait for her first email in the field!

About 1:45, she walked through the airplane doors saying goodbye to Utah and was off to conquer Salta Argentina! 

We love you Hermana Norman and wish you the best of luck! You are going to be an amazing missionary and Argentina is blessed to have you. Here's to the next 16 1/2 months....
Hasta que nos encontremos de nuevo! Que el Senor te cuide y te guarde. Predican con valor y ayudar a otros a venir a Cristo!

You got this baby girl!

UPdate: one of the elders was able to have his family at the airport to see him off. His Mom took pics for me and sent them after I had posted this:

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