Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Loco for Locro

Lots of good stuff happened this week.
May 25, was a holiday here, Independence Day or something like that...so everyone didn't have to work and we took advantage of this day and had a ward activity. But not just any activity, the members had to bring friends that aren't members. We had almost 30 people show up that weren't members. It was crazy! We set up appointments to teach all of them, and I really hope that some of them will progress! The activity was super simple but so fun.

We ate Locro, which is a traditional dish of Salta Argentina. It was...interesting! It was good, but the people here LOVE it! Then we had a dessert competition. Everyone had to bring a dessert and then judges determined which was the best basted on taste and presentation. And guess who were the judges?? My companion and I! Seriously I was in heaven! We had to try ALL of the desserts! I definitely wasn't complaining. But afterwards the ward members played soccer because seriously everyone here is a pro at soccer. This activity was such a success because people brought their friends. Missionary work is for everyone!

We are activating an inactive family and wow, I love this family so much. Their son, Mateo, will be baptized soon :)  This past week Mateo said he wants to serve a mission when he turns 18. Awww, so happy that I could play a small part in helping this incredible family come back to church.

We have other investigators, Matias, Axel and a few others that have a baptismal date, but they don't quite have that firm testimony of the Book of Mormon yet. So we are working on that.

We had splits again this past week. Craziest thing happened. As we were walking in the streets a dog started barking at us and approaching us. This is obviously very normal in Argentina. But then I looked and saw that the dog had foam coming from its mouth, and it was literally barking crazily. I looked at Hermana Hill and said, "this dog has rabies!" So we frantically started clapping at the closest door to us as the dog got closer and closer. A woman opened the door, let us in, and we were safe. The woman ended up not wanting to hear our message. But regardless, it was a tender mercy of the Lord.

This week, we had many powerful lessons. Honestly one of the best feelings is feeling the Spirit work through you. When the words are literally put in my mouth, like it says in D&C 100:6
"For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say."

Yesterday was our stake conference, an area seventy spoke, and he talked about living every day to the fullest. I really liked what he said because in the mission I want to live every day to the fullest and use my time wisely because 18 months is very short! But this can also be applied to life in general. Life is short. So live every day to the fullest. Laugh, Dance, Forgive and Love!!

Okay, love you all!!♥

Con Amor,
Hermana Normanđź’—
My companion and I are so Argentine...
We bought our llama sweaters and fanny packs

And my infamous MATE cup! 
Mi compa bought a pan so we can now cook things!
Gotta love the bathroom selfies
These huge pots of Locro

Mateo's big day is scheduled for June 10th

Hna Mannewitz at the activity! Such a great turnout!

Some of the girls danced at the activity
desserts anyone?

Big enough bite? 
 moldy orange we found in our apartment...

We made a bread type thingy...it was actually edible
People eat armadillo here...no we didn't eat that one.

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