Monday, June 5, 2017

Who let the dogs out?

Made empanadas
1 year in the mission! Wowza, how crazy!
Was emailing my sister Breanna and she says, "Wow, one year down, 8 months to go!" Not quite Breanna, but it's okay. Math never was your strong suit. jaja Jk! I love you sisπŸ˜‡ Speaking of my sister, it's her birthday!! So grateful for her and for her amazing example. Love you sis!

So you may be wondering why I put this blog entry title. It's because this whole semana I have literally been asking this question, "who let the dogs out!" EVERY DAY dogs tried to attack us. But they had no luck because now I have ninja like reactions when there is a dog around. We did lots of squats this week, not to exercise, but to pretend to pick up rocks to scare the dogs away! jajaja

Sooo this week was extra hard. I think Heavenly Father needed to humble my companion and I a little bit. Hna Mannewitz and I have had a lot of success these past couple of weeks, but this week, many harsh words were yelled at us and many doors slammed in our face. People mocked us and honestly it hurt but we kept working anyway. Even though we had many reasons to get discouraged, we chose to remain positive and look for the small tender mercies every day. Happiness is a choice. So we chose to be happy even though so many doors were slammed in our face.

We saw the blessings for "enduring to the end" this week. Mateo received his answer from God and said, "now I KNOW this church is true!" He went to church and bore his testimony in sacrament meeting!! I couldn't help but get teary eyed as I heard his simple yet firm testimony. I looked over at his Mom and she too, was crying. Maria said the closing prayer and cried as she gave thanks to our Father in Heaven.
This family is such a miracle!
Mateo will be baptized this Saturday!πŸ’—

Funny moments:
-In all of my mission, I think I stepped in dog poop twice. My compa....almost every day! jaja

- my shoes ripped while we were walking in the streets. I still use them. They are my favorites!

-One of our "golden" investigators turned out being a member. Almost invited her to be baptized....awkward.

-we tried to teach an inactive member's 14 year old son, that isn't a member. We walked over to talk with him. I asked if we could talk/chat, and he says NO. I try to convince him and he says, "Hold on." He walks 200 ft away, gets on a random horse and then rides away. Literally rode off on a horse, leaving us hanging! How rude....jaja

-Taught an old lady that is basically deaf. Yelled the ENTIRE lesson. After I said the prayer and said "amen", she continued praying because she didn't hear. So I yelled, "AMEN!"

I love the mission. Found out that I will be staying here with Hermana Mannewitz for another 6 weeks! YAY! Tender mercy!

Love you all!

πŸ’“/ Hermana Norman

cold and foggy days
I love Argentina!
The "meat" they give us....mostly FAT!

Bus selfie

When we were judges

Dessert empanadas

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