Monday, May 22, 2017

Jonas Brothers and Tender Mercies

It has been quite the week here in Limache. Hna Mannewitz and I are working so hard. I have the blisters on my feet to prove it! One of the most challenging parts about the mission is not being able to see the fruits of your labors. We work tirelessly everyday, people accepted baptismal dates, we were excited, but when Sunday comes around...the majority of our investigators are no where to be found. But the thing is that we can't get discouraged. This is the Lord's work, everything will happen in HIS time. In the mean time, we will do everything that we can to invite people to come unto Christ! And have the hope and patience that one day we will see the fruits!

This is probably one of the best things learned so far in the mission...
After all, I am only a tool in His hands!

We are seeing many miracles...Nelida is still going to church, but unfortunately the doctors still won't let her enter in agua. Mateo and Matias are also progressing but facing a lot of challenges. So please pray for them.

We have been looking for former investigators this week. Just trying to find people who are ready and willing to listen to our message. We knocked at a door, an older woman answered, and we gave our normal introduction, "Hola, we're missionaries"...and then I said that we were representatives of Christ and that we had a message from God especificamente for her. She laughed and then called us liars, but opened her door and said, "let's hear this message." Long story short, it was a short but powerful lesson, and by the end, this woman was in tears. This is what the Spirit does. It can soften even the hardest of hearts.

I had to go to the Doctor this past week, which is the worst in the mission. After lunch one day, as we were walking home...everything started spinning. I almost fell because I couldn't even walk straight. My companion had to help me too. I felt like the whole world was moving. This feeling lasted for almost an hour, and afterwards I felt nauseous...almost like motion sickness. But of course we kept working and in the night, I called Hna Chaparro and she told me to go to the doctors. As we were in the bus, I was feeling bad because I didn't want to go to the doctor and lose time to work. But then something incredible happened. A Jonas Brothers song started playing in the bus, "SOS" to be exact. Now some might say, "wow, what a coincidence!" But NO, there are no coincidences when you're on the Lord's errand. My companion and I felt pumped after hearing that song, receiving this tender mercy, and we started talking with everyone. We might as well take advantage of the situation we were in. Oh, I also found out I have a severe infection in my throat and ears causing vertigo, but taking medicine and I'm feeling great.

"The Lord is good to all; and his tender mercies are over all his work." Psalms 145:9

But funny story when I was having my dizzy spells, I told my companion that maybe it was Epilepsy, but what I meant to say was Vertigo. Yeah, we got a good laugh from that. But don't worry. I don't have epilepsy. Yes, I am a trained and licensed EMT...a year ago today to be exact! You are all in good hands! jajaja!

Also this past week was our ward conference, so we had the privilege to hear from our Stake Presidency, they talked a lot about the scripture in Luke 22:32,
("But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not; and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.") and the importance that we as members of the church are personally converted FIRST in order to help others become converted. So question for you all...
Are we personally converted?

This week is also my little brother's 17th birthday. Well, I don't know if I can say little anymore, but Happy Birthday, Pine! I can honestly say that my brother is one of my best friends. I am so proud of the young man that he has become. Thank you bro for always having my back and for laughing at all my jokes. I love you so much!!

Also, thank you, thank you for all your love and prayers. It means so much!

Until next week...
Hermana Norman

lol at the fact that last Sunday a brother in the ward asked my compa and I to sing a musical number in sacrament meeting for the ward conference, and Hna Mannewitz and I were so pumped. I honestly thought, "Wow, now's my time to shine. This is my chance!" jajaja  So yeah, we were practicing every day and then he called and said he found someone else...yup! One phone call that crushed my dreams! And that person that he found to replace us was HIMSELF and his family! jajaja How rude!

Hi, Mom! I love you :)
pday volleyball and food
Thankful for Hna Mannewitz and the fact that she takes momma is happy!
Hermana Mannewitz and I

introducing her to mate...she will eventually love my dirt water

Nelida with us in the back of the van on our way to church

zone conference

We have lots of fun together

when someone gives us "candy" and it is disgusting. we discreetly hide it in our coat pockets 

outside our apartment 

Our kitchen

our bedroom

no bucket showers here

Grido know me and my ice cream! So much better than American ice cream

Orroz con favorite and now hers too. We've made it twice already.
My district

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