Monday, April 17, 2017


our chocolate eggs
Hope that everyone enjoyed Easter! I definitely enjoyed my Easter spent in Argentina. The traditions are very different. There actually aren't many traditions....jajaja. The only things are 1) go to church and 2) eat a chocolate egg. But this week was spent studying attributes of Christ and learning to be more like Him. We used the #PRINCEofPEACE video in many of our lessons with investigators. They were really moved and could really feel a spirit of peace. In one lesson, after watching the video, the whole family was silent, then the mother said, " I feel like my heart is going to beat out of my chest. I feel an overwhelming feeling of peace all throughout my body." Seeing people receive confirmations fro the Holy Ghost may be one of the bet parts of the mission. <3

I would like to ask for everyone to pray for Graciela, an investigator that we met last Monday. It was Pday, and we didn't want to cook so we walked around looking for something to eat. We found Graciela selling empenadas. Long story short, as our empenadas were cooking, we had a really great conversation with her about our purpose as missionaries and the message that we share! We have visited her a couple times since then. She is open and receptive and I hope that she continues to progress. Its pretty cool how we find, and have found, many of our investigators. The Lord truly is preparing the hearts of these people and is placing them in our path!

I was studying Alma 5 this week, and wowza! I love this chapter SO MUCH!!! There are many questions in this chapter and I reflected on how I could respond to these questions. This chapter is basically a self evaluation! Makes us ask, "okay, how am I doing?" I want to invite everyone to study this chapter and also follow the counsel of Elder Ballard (conference talk read here) and reflect on our vision and goals.
He said, "the key to happiness is knowing what destinations matter, and learning to set our own goals in the frame work of God's plan."
Do we know where we are going?
Are we headed in the right direction, or maybe we need to take a U-turn and start again?

ALMA chapter 5

The mission has helped me so much to learn to set goals and make plans to achieve those goals.


Have an amazing week everyone!

Con Amor,
Hermana Norman

The flowers here are beautiful
I cut my hair this week! Ends were pretty damaged. So it is right below my shoulders of it next week!

Easter bread thingy...actually tasted gross! jaja
pics from last day that didn't get downloaded
Elders think they are Backstreet Boys! jajaja

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