Monday, January 23, 2017

Thank the Lord our ALL things!

Ah, la mision....full of moments that I will never forget.

This past Tuesday was an exciting one for my companion and I. Long story short, a German Shepherd attacked me as we were walking in the street. This dog got a hold of my arm and didn't let go until its owner came out and grabbed it. I looked at my arm, it was bleeding and immediately I thought, "my dad's going to kill me!" My second thought was, "where is my planner? I need my planner!" Because when the dog attacked me, I dropped my agenda (planner), and as a missionary, your planner is your LIFE! Third thought, "OW!" and final thought, "Wait! Did this just really happen? Was I just attacked by a dog in Argentina?" And by this time my companion was freaking out, calling the Mission Mom.
Bueno, fast forward a couple hours. I went to the doctors, got a shot and antibiotics and have to go get my wound cleaned out every day for a week. It honestly isn't that bad, it could have been worse.

But a few lessons were learned:
1) I should have listened to my parents and carried my dog spray. However, there probably wouldn't have been enough time to spray the dog. In the end, my parents are always right. jajaja
2) I am now a little scared to walk the streets, but I know that the Lord is by my side and I have so many praying for me, so that helps too. Thank you for all the prayers.

Bueno. The rest of the week has been good. It has been extremely hot, but the heat is helping us. When we knock on people's doors and they see us dying from the heat and sweating to death, they feel bad for us and let us in. We have found a lot of new investigators, but the challenge is getting them to attend church on Sunday morning. Please pray for Paula y Virginia y Familia Cuellas.

This week Friday is also my 20th birthday! I feel so old. Seems like yesterday I was turning 12 and going into Young Womens. The idea of a mission seemed so far away....and now, Here I Am! And I couldn't be happier with where I am. Thank you to everyone who has helped me in the past 20 years get to where I am today.
I am so lucky and so blessed!

I know the Church is true. I KNOW it and as I bear testimony of it everyday, the Spirit confirms it time and time again.

Have an amazing week and watch out for crazy dogs! jajaja

Hermana Norman

At Drs getting looked at
little bandage

have to get wound cleaned out daily

Service at a member's house

pday fun at San Lorenzo

Con todas las Hermanas en Salta

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