Monday, October 17, 2016


First of all, it is so hot.  Currently dying of heat. 

Second of all, it was quite the emotional week for me.  We had a baptism planned for this past Saturday, Ivan, and the day before his baptism as we were waiting for him in the church for his interview, we recieved a text from him saying that he didn´t want to be baptized.  I was obviously devastated, and I was a little discouraged after that. Since then we haven´t been able to get ahold of him.. it breaks my heart to know that Satan got ahold of someone who was so ready to be baptized.  But I still have faith that he will be baptized.. just not right now.

Next is Carolina, yesterday we went and picked her up for church, and when I say picked her up I mean we walked to her house, and then walked to church together.  But Carolina is the sweetest girl, and she went to listen to general conference a few weeks back and she didn´t have the greatest experience.. she felt so excluded, and felt like people were judging her because she went in pants.  And so I was determined to make sure that she had a better experience in the church, and she did! She loved church yesterday, but what made a big difference was the members... it is so important that as members of the church we welcome investigators with a huge smile and make sure that feel welcomed and loved!  
Carolina is the one to my right in the white shirt

Also had an amazing lesson with a less active member.. she has been super sad because she has been thinking about her mother who passed away last year.  We had a powerful lesson about the Plan of Salvation, and I cried as I bore testimony.  As I bore testimony I was thinking about My Great Grandma Norman who passed away this past year... and I KNOW that I will see her again.  How amazing it is to know that we can see our loved ones again who have passed on, and that we can live with our families forever.  

Studied 3Nephi 13 and 14 a lot this past week, and invite everyone to read these chapters too!  

Thank you all for your love and prayers!

With love,
Hermana Norman
Primary program was these cute kids!
Its crazy but 1 of the Elders in my district was on a Humanitarian trip with me to Belize back in 2014
My district celebrating Elder Boren's bday

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